“In 1976 curiosity drove us to your showroom in Melbourne. I remember we left that day with a package of fifteen machines. At the beginning we were a bit concerned whether we were going to make some money from it after paying the lease, not to mention the worry number one, which was paying the lease! At the time I had a courier job and as I went past the locations during the week I topped them up”.

“Since day one, I never had to worry about repayments, the machines pay for themselves. So we bought another lot, and another lot but I must admit that to make it successful you have to provide good service, listen to your customers and make sure the machines are kept clean and always full. So I have decided to buy more again and this time dedicate myself to this business full time (three days per week!)”.

“Everything I was told came true, including the excellent after sales service provided by everyone at Vending Machine.”

We try to select the correct locations as part of your introduction to this fantastic industry. Our team of locators are often seen around town in their uniforms and our sign written vans are highly visible. On any day our locators are negotiating premium locations, ensuring ongoing support for our operators.