Best Digital Marketing Strategies

A digital marketing strategy is a plan that uses one or more online marketing services–such as paid search, social media, long-form content, or email–to help a brand or company achieve a certain set of goals. Your digital marketing strategy involves using various marketing channels to reach business goals, whether it is via social media, site advertising, or email marketing.


Using various digital marketing strategies to market your business and products digitally will help you reach your audience via channels they are already engaged with. In addition, interacting with your audience via surveys will help you learn about their preferences and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.


These insights should be based on accurate data when possible because making assumptions about the audience that your company is targeting could lead to the marketing strategy going in the wrong direction. The wealth of information available on the effectiveness of digital marketing can seem like drinking from a firehose, and marketers need to grasp what data means and how it should inform strategies. The right digital marketing platform also helps build richer profiles of users, which helps marketers figure out when to show ads to target audiences, and on which devices.

Much like search engines, you can create organic posts for your business Page and sponsored ads and content to reach out to more than just your current followers. Similar to content marketing, and also like email marketing, your business is focused on creating informative, value-filled videos for its target audience. The general purpose of content marketing as a digital media strategy is to deliver valuable information to the target audience, drive traffic, and drive conversions.


Content comes in various forms, so your content marketing efforts may look quite different based on your industry and goals. Other types of content that you could produce for your marketing efforts include blogs, eBooks, case studies, infographics, and more. Helpful information can then be repurposed to support your social, email, SMS, and affiliate marketing strategies, making content marketing a core element of any marketing plan.


It allows your brand and company to be relevant for consumers when seeking answers to problems and helps build trust. Digital marketing allows businesses to customize messages to target specific audiences, making it possible to sell directly to the people most likely interested in your products. Common digital marketing initiatives focus on spreading the brand’s message via search engines, social media, apps, emails, and websites.


A digital marketing strategy usually involves choosing the planned actions that will be executed by a digital marketing team consisting of specialists in each area, with roles including content strategist, videographer, SEO expert, copywriter, email marketer, and social media manager, name a few. Marketing tactics, or tactics of any type, are specific actions you execute throughout the strategy to help you reach the ultimate goals. Most strategy plans will outline what digital marketing channels and tactics you will be using and how much you will invest in those channels and tactics.


brand marketing strategyUsing your established strategies and goals, persuasive marketers will assess the marketing tactics needed to reach these strategic goals. Successful marketers can clearly define goals and select the right tactics while focusing on the overall strategy, company needs, and budget constraints. By lining up different strategies and tactics to fit the business’s smart goals and segmented customer personas, businesses of all shapes and sizes can reap the benefits of digital marketing.


Organizations can use their media assets to align with almost any marketing strategy or tactic, from websites and blogs to podcasts and video channels. The right digital marketing platform helps you make better choices that will generate more revenue as you plan media, monitor your brand’s performance across channels, use new ad technologies, or execute media buying. To ensure your digital marketing strategy drives results, produce content that answers an audience’s questions or needs, use your networks and expertise, monitor what your competitors are doing, and subscribe to Google Alerts and industry blogs about related digital marketing topics.


When reviewing your existing digital marketing channels and assets to determine what to include in your strategy, it is helpful to consider the bigger picture first–this prevents you from feeling overwhelmed or confused. To create an effective strategy that helps you grow your business, look at our free content marketing templates below. This template walks you through a summary and your company initiatives, enables you to create your target market and competitor insights, and details your marketing strategy – including a budget and your specific channels and metrics.


A marketing campaign is a promotional effort to accomplish one specific objective within your strategy, not your business’s overall goals. Influencer marketing can be the best for the small business’s most powerful brand marketing strategy and drive high-quality leads. While you can certainly save big time practising email marketing and inbound techniques, influencer marketing is also an excellent, reasonably cheap tool for startups to build their brands.


Most brands are doing influencer marketing internally, and Influencer Marketing Platforms can offer full-service solutions for an affordable price. For example, email marketing, social media marketing, PPC, SEO, Retargeting ads, influencer marketing, content marketing, viral marketing, and affiliate marketing have been proven to deliver higher ROI. In addition, many steps taken in a digital marketing campaign or strategy can be done for little or no cost (sometimes for free), such as on social media sites or using free content hosting sites such as Medium.